August Goal

August is upon us, and I feel good about how July went down. While I'm not making concrete steps towards the idealized milestone of launching a game, I am having fun polishing things. It is worth noting that the polishing found game-ending bugs, so this has been a worthwhile process. August is go-time, and I need to start telling more and more people about this project. So, with that, I'll enumerate concrete goals for August. Note, this blog post will update with changes.

  • Finish migrating all code from private repo.
  • Write a better
  • README: Photo of Adama
  • README: Tighten the introduction and make it clear and cheeky
  • README: Some badges?
  • README: An Animated GIF
  • README: Step by Step setup guide (With Binaries / Building Binaries)
  • README: How to use and build a product
  • Finish a reasonable first pass of documentation
  • DOCS: Each section shows working code
  • DOCS: Each section has a fast intro
  • DOCS: Each section has a bullet list of details that I hope to explore
  • Polish up error messages language
  • Write tool to dump all error messages from unit tests
  • Integrate with vscode
  • VSCODE: Super basic LSP over Socket
  • VSCODE: Syntax highlights
  • Polish up error messages alignment with document
  • Resolve all the erroneous error line numbers 0, 2.5B
  • Make Three Demos
  • Demo: Chat
  • Chat Cast Study
  • Demo: Lobby
  • Lobby Case Study
  • Demo: Hearts Game
  • Hearts Case Study
  • Release a Binary

Obviously, the best way forward after telling people is to make games with it.

Let's see that animated GIF#

This was made with PowerPoint!?!

animated gif explaining Adama