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Adama Language

A Programming Language for Board Games... and more... maybe?

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Single File Infrastructure

A single file is responsible for all the infrastructure to connect players together in a durable and stateful board game experience. It is like a whole slew of AWS services (like EC2, Lambda, S3, SWF, SQS, DynamoDB, and RDS) all in a single package.

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Dungeon-Master as a Service

Adama allows you to perform complex transactions across a variety of connected players. You no longer manipulate and query data, data manipulates and queries you! This changes the game in modelling the complex interactions between people that emerge in complex board games.

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Living Documents

Documents are no longer dead bytes sitting around. Instead, they are alive and expressive automatons with whatever will you wish them to have. The combination of storage and compute yields an exceptionally tiny new server model.